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This can possibly cover emotional, behavioural or substance addiction. Being uncontrollable urges to do something no matter what the cost may be. We always do things for a reason and you may not be aware of why you do it. No matter which kind of addiction you may be dealing with, it is important to recognise that you can get assistance where you can create a change for the better and have freedom from:

  • Gambling
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar Addition
  • Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Ageing
  • Chocolate
  • Mobile Phones
  • Compulsive Shopping

Hypnotherapy can have you feeling better and knowing that you can get your attraction to the problem under control. Tackling the issue might seem hard but help is only a phone call away. Knowing that in a few sessions you will be in a better place with freedom and peace of mind can give you the bravery to begin.


This can strike anywhere, anytime, even when you least expect it … It can happen in the playground, at the office, from the neighbours or even in cyberspace. The effects of the act can be devastating to say the least. Sometimes the after-effects are felt a long time, even years, after the actual event. The experience was that dramatic to leave an emotional imprint, as you are heavily associated with the experience; involved in it and a part of it. You can have relief from this in just a few sessions. You can leave it behind and get on with your life.

insomnia treatment sunshine coast
insomnia treatment sunshine coast

Carer’s Stress

In our role as carers we perform a wonderful supportive daily task that is needed, but it can come at a cost for the carer. It is a recognized responsibility with great dedication which can create an emotional impact for the carer and bring forward issues with :

  • Poor sleep
  • Financial stress
  • Lost opportunities
  • Difficulty coping
  • Social isolation

When you are relaxed, you become more optimistic, energetic and happy. To get you back on track, recharge your batteries and take better care of yourself which will enable you to take on the challenges before you….


You’re not sure where you left it…. but know that it has gone and here is a chance to get it in back into your life again. It’s a feeling of being certain in your abilities, trusting in people, your plans and the future. With the self esteem, persistence and the desire to excel and to be optimistic in all areas of your life. Your level of self confidence can show in many ways in your behaviour, your body language, and the way you speak and perceive your life. How can we help? We create a framework and build it up to where you have the mindset to know and have the life you truly desire.

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This 3 step program:

Step 1- Look at what you have achieved. Cover what is important to you and where you want to go.

Step 2- Mind management – how you look at yourself. How you create and pursue your ideas. What yourself talk or procrastination is doing to you. Working with your strengths and developing them to your advantage.

Step 3- Build the knowledge to get in the right direction, target what you want and work with you how to make the dream real. Find out what you want, how to the have the resources and let you live your visions.

insomnia treatment sunshine coast

Grief or Loss

This is part of our natural life-cycle and is unavoidable. We will all be touched by grief sometime in our lives. When you experience it, it can be overwhelming. Everyone deals with it in their own way. Most often it is the death of a loved one, a miscarriage or pet. Grief can also have an effect through the loss of something important to us such as your home, job, health or abilities. Know that if you are supported through your time of change things can be brighter. Hypnotherapy can support you through this time of change.


In general, insomnia is caused by underlying anxiety or a change in thinking patterns. Each client is different and has ways of dealing with long nights staring at the ceiling wide awake. Intensified by the silence of night only makes it more overwhelming. Your negative thinking takes control even more and you now have a pattern which is hard to break. Most people who suffer from insomnia try a variety of treatments and medications to combat the issue with no avail. Hypnotherapy can work through what the cause is and change your perspective, resolve the issue at the subconscious level and bring you back to natural sleep patterns.

insomnia treatment sunshine coast
insomnia treatment sunshine coast


Have you ever had a dream that is so realistic and life-like that you’re not sure if you are dreaming until you open your eyes? I’m sure we have all had dreams like that one time or another in our lives but when they are highly emotional and re-occur it can make the idea of bedtime somewhat apprehensive. Waking up in a cold sweat with your heart pounding. Finding you are unable to go back to sleep. Hypnotherapy can help greatly to keep you calm and feeling confident so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a good night’s sleep.

Negative Self-Talk

After so many years of negative self-talk with the nagging inner critic you have conditioned yourself to look at the downside, creating impossible standards and set yourself up to fail or measure up. With the brilliance of Hypnotherapy combined with Nlp you can improve your self esteem and silence the negative self-talk by improving your self-image and reframing the negative input. By working through you will be able to identify the saboteur and release it permanently. This will allow you to reprogram your ideas to productive concept useful way of thinking, thus increasing your self-confidence.  Attracting goods things and positive changes in your life.

insomnia treatment sunshine coast


When it happens it is always hard for the one that is rejected. Whether it was a job you wanted, a relationship or marriage that has ended or just ignored or forgotten by someone you care about. There are many feelings that go along with this such as disappointment, feeling hurt, perhaps anger and maybe failure. These are all normal under the circumstances. Having the tools and resources to know you can work through the challenging times are just a phone call away. For you to know there is support for you when you need it.

Pain Management

Hypnosis for the treatment of pain and even chronic pain can be highly effective in the management and relief of what you are going through. This involves hypnotic suggestions on how to shift the pain; the mind is very powerful and it can alter sensations within the body efficiently and effectively. Knowing how to handle the level of intensity can come at a great relief. This drug- free alternative may just be a further option to assist in supporting you with challenges.

insomnia treatment sunshine coast


At some point in our lives we can encounter a touch of shyness or withdrawal from a situation. This is a normal reaction. It can appear just talking to a stranger, stepping into a lift or simply eating in a public place. It is often something that is concealed and kept quiet.  It can appear in many ways; blushing, feeling overwhelmed and even experiencing a slight sense of panic. This can make you avoid some of life’s experiences knowing there is the possibility of feeling that way. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in many ways to work with self-esteem and for you to have more confidence. Knowing that there is a chance to have more freedom and a flexible lifestyle.


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