Your Present Mindful Moment

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Being Mindful or Mindfulness is remaining in the present moment.  It is greater awareness of your present perception and it is linked with consciousness way of being. As if to say being in "The Now Moment". When you have conscious awareness you can bring your mental and emotional health into balance. With only minutes of mindfulness-awareness, you can recharge on levels of energy that is truly refreshing when your stress. When you take control of your wellbeing you find yourself calmer and traveling through life with purpose and intention rather than reacting to life's changes. Awareness brings forth clear thinking, cuts [...]

Life After Death (NDE)

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Life after Near Death Experience (NDE) Many people have experienced this life changing event and survived a near death experience (NDE), after an extreme happening, there is a realization within the core of your soul there has been a change. A near death experience is usually caused by a traumatic or sudden event either accident, surgery, heart failure or simular occurrence. This incident sparks a transformational event, let alone experiencing the euphoric interlude with deaths doorway to the light and beyond. Awakened your consciousness from the profound in between the space between life and death. When you experience this episode [...]

Top # 3 Mistakes ‘When life has you stressed’

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Top # 3 Mistakes ‘When life has you stressed’ Sometimes when we feel stuck, frustrated and low in energy. It can be caused by a number of reasons that can have you unsure about what to do? Number 1 -Give up to easy? Everything is just too hard or difficult and you complain about it all the time. And I’II bet you are great at being a negative thinker. Great now you really have set yourself backwards. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and made up. When you put high emotion behind a thought your mind [...]

Dealing with Pain

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Part of being a person is dealing with pain in some way, shape or form and we all need help to acknowledge and release from traumatic experiences at some time in our life. Powerful and upsetting emotional trauma such as death, heartache, loss, natural disasters and physical injuries can occur throughout our lives; causing significate changes to how we live. These are all substantial threats to your wellbeing both mentally, emotionally and physically and with a ripple effect that is connected to trauma; symptoms can arise from these challenging situations that can disappear after a few weeks but sometimes they [...]

Tracie Wolter Hypnotherapist

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool that plays a vital role in health and wellness working with Tracie Wolter Hypnotherapist  using the  mind blueprint moving you forward, it creates a natural way of changing thoughts, moods and behaviours to make positive changes in your life. Hypnosis opens a state of consciousness in which to achieve rapid and effective changes. This is by offering positive suggestions to override negative thought patterns and superseding negative emotions to strengthen positive resolutions. Hypnotherapists are caring professionals in a clinical environment that are caring for the health and wellness of others. Like any professional; they must [...]

Online Friend

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A little flutter in your stomach brings a smile to your face as you see that your online friend is around. A message comes through shortly after asking how your day was; it makes you feel special and wanted. A few laughs and bit of banter about life with your online freind; the pressure, the kids and the boring parts that you just have to do. Then you both share about your desires, hopes and holiday dreams and in that moment the stress was relieved. A nice moment between you both of how appreciative you both are and how great [...]

Effects of Negative Self-Talk

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How you speak to yourself is a very powerful mind process; this internal dialogue of the words in your mind will greatly affect how you live your life and the effects of negative self-talk. By only speaking to yourself in a negative fashion through your internal dialogue will ultimately resonate and affect you and your experiences with your life. The result from your thinking and how you experience life will be a direct resonance of the words you tell yourself. The most important words you will ever speak, are the words you say to yourself, about yourself when you are [...]

An Emotional Affair?

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An Emotional Affair is a relationship between two consenting adults who feel the chemistry that their emotional connection is that to being more than just friends. The emotional affair partner will be attentive to the emotional needs and urges of the other; offering above and beyond emotional support and this can lead to levels of intimacy. Emotional affairs can be deemed as bonds of understanding and validation from the emotional affair partner. There is sharing and confiding of personal information which is lacking in the relationship between their current spouse or partner. People can turn to this type of connection [...]

The Grind of Life

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There must be more to life than this: the grind of life. The boss is riding you for that deadline; the project needed to be completed the moment he handed it to you apparently. There was an accident on the trip home; spoiling the rest of the daylight that was left. Finally home and the kids are climbing all over you; can’t they just give you 10 minutes to get through the door? The wife is standing there now; something about a broken light and there is no milk left. You shower, you eat, you drink a few beers, you [...]

Belief Change

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Is something holding you back from achieving your true potential? Do you find that you get some of the way to achieving your goals only to sabotage yourself? We all have beliefs that shape the way we see the world and how we operate within it. The vast majority of these beliefs were formed unconsciously in our formative years and we have held these beliefs for so long that it seems they are as true and solid as the fabric of the life itself. Perhaps, like many people, you realise that some of your beliefs are no longer useful but [...]