Part of being a person is dealing with pain in some way, shape or form and we all need help to acknowledge and release from traumatic experiences at some time in our life.
Powerful and upsetting emotional trauma such as death, heartache, loss, natural disasters and physical injuries can occur throughout our lives; causing significate changes to how we live.
These are all substantial threats to your wellbeing both mentally, emotionally and physically and with a ripple effect that is connected to trauma; symptoms can arise from these challenging situations that can disappear after a few weeks but sometimes they linger and cause a multitude of troubles when dealing with pain.
Any singular event; potentially causing an emotional upheaval and as a result leaves an imprint of the experience, that lasts for several weeks or even years, affects your ability to lead a normal life.
Emotional trauma often manifests itself into physical symptoms within the body arising as changes to the body and sensations that are connected to the imprint of the experience. These can cause continual reflection to the trauma state; leaving you feeling trapped in a cycle of pain and being unable to move forward.

If you ignore the symptoms this will only lengthen the recovery needed to heal as it is in the acknowledgment of the trauma that eases the duration of recovery.

At times the symptoms are the result of blocked emotions manifesting from the physiological imprint connected to trauma which can cause extensive damage to your health and cause you to experience physical pain.
This is due to when we experience a mix of emotional responses; each experience contains a variety of layered emotions, of shock, anger, guilt and grief and all are connected to the one experience. As a result, the emotions are stored in the different parts of the body like grief in the lung and anger in the liver. The organs will, over time, have some dysfunction or related issue due to the storing of emotions in the body and this can manifest into disease within the body and have long term effects on wellness and vitality.

It is always important to acknowledge that you have been through a traumatic incident which led to these emotional stresses and to reach out, if you need to, for support to get through. This support can be in your network of friends and family or professionally; it is important to address the trauma and gain the skills necessary to get through to live a positive and pain free life.