Life after Near Death Experience (NDE)

Many people have experienced this life changing event and survived a near death experience (NDE), after an extreme happening, there is a realization within the core of your soul there has been a change. A near death experience is usually caused by a traumatic or sudden event either accident, surgery, heart failure or simular occurrence. This incident sparks a transformational event, let alone experiencing the euphoric interlude with deaths doorway to the light and beyond. Awakened your consciousness from the profound in between the space between life and death.

When you experience this episode of split second when the soul leaving the body or having an out of body experience when returning back into the body your life will never be the same.

When a NDE happens the soul is projected out of the physical body. This change the energetic structure of the aura altering the etheric web that hold the soul in the body. The etheric web is outer part of the aura which acts a protection or insulates the physical and emotional bodies from susceptible to emotions of others and suggestions of earth bound spirits.

A NDE triggers a change with the molecular, chemical structure within energy system and the perception of the brain. The electromagnetic field become elastic this cause by the soul leaving the body. The electrical signatures of consciousness exceeded levels found in the waking state. The NDE rapidly changes the consciousness and quantum physics alteration of time and space.

We experience consciousness through our thoughts, development of will, sensing perceptions, a variety of emotions, depth of memory and the creation of our imagination.  This mind process is known as Qualia and is how an individual experiences consciousness. This awareness is how we explore our reality- through seeing, smelling and sensing feelings, through touch or our inner knowing and through hearing sound waves.  Our reality is experienced through our mind and our physical body by sensations of weight, density, space and texture. This is how we explore and develop the sensory experience of our reality. NDE alters how we experience we experience a consciousness centred alignment with the light which is within you.

Deepak Chopra suggest that at death or during NDE,

“it is conceivable that the quantum information which constitutes consciousness could shift to deeper planes and continue to exist purely in space-time geometry, outside the brain, distributed non-locally”, as a “quantum soul” apart from the body”.