Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a powerful change management tool.
It positively transforms your thoughts, moods and behaviours to a more enhanced way of thinking.

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The words of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are often very daunting for the novice as they sound very serious and technical. In fact, the opposite is true. NLP is engaging, exciting and creates freedom of choice and amazing opportunities.

NLP is the study of human excellence using powerful and practical processes to create change. It is rapid, effective and a very sensory experience. It encourages you to be the best you can be! Most often it’s used as an effective tool to manage change which alters your thoughts, moods and behaviours.

NLP practitioners are very aware of the power of language and communication.

Let’s look a little deeper at what’s involved …

Neuro refers to the nervous system and the mental pathway to our five senses of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. How these senses combine to create perceptions is what we call our map of the world. Everyone has a different map.

Linguistics are the language of words and specific phrases we use to describe our experiences and includes our silent language of posture, gestures and signals which represent our values, beliefs and urges that come from a part of our mind which is the driver of our life choices and behavioural responses.

Programming is our encoded mental software which encompasses our thoughts and feelings. It includes our unconscious mind processes and sequences that trigger known responses.

NLP exercises are a process which involves sensory engagement of the experience to reframe or reposition certain aspects of the presenting issue. It creates a shift and transformation of our perception of what the issue represents to us.

NLP is a demonstration of how thoughts, feelings and action produce our experiences and how the mind and brain have a conceptual position of what we understand and of what our reality is. It identifies how specific responses produce patterned behaviours and actions.

The NLP client experience is enjoyable, stimulating and transformational. It stimulates us to do our very best and to excel to our greatest potential.

What can be changed by NLP?

  • Phobias – flying, spiders, water, germs, needles and heights.
  • Fears – dying, being alone, public speaking, panic attacks.
  • Traumatic events in the recent times or past.
  • Like to dislike with wanting to change habits and additions.
  • Understand experiences through timeline of life events.
  • Shifting perspective to people, place or things.
  • Unwanted emotions – frustration, guilt, disappointment and shame.
  • Recovery from trauma, grief or abuse.
  • Responding resourcefully to criticism.
  • Slender eating strategies.
  • Engaging future concepts to align to desire aspirations.
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Neuro Linguistics Programming is a powerful change management tool that transforms your thoughts, moods and behaviours to more enhanced way of thinking and acting that helps you be able to effectively change your prospective and engage with life.

This resourceful and effective development of techniques has been achieving great success in areas of therapy, relationships, health, prosperity, business and sport performance. You will be able to effectively change perspective for more successful outcomes for yourself.

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