Past Life Regression (PLR)

Frustrated? Feeling bothered? Puzzled by why you can’t move forward?
It’s time to cut to the chase and get real answers to your confusion

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a fascinating guided journey that can assist you when you feel that you are stuck in your life and unable to progress. It provides answers by connecting you with every person and event your soul has encountered on the journey to your present life. By using a hypnotic regressive technique you are guided into a relaxed state which allows you to revisit events from previous lifetimes and heal the stress and trauma they caused. This allows you to change your current patterns of behaviour, improve your physical and emotional health and open new gateways of opportunity.

It’s time to:

  • unlock the connections of a past life
  • find out what may be holding you back
  • finally have the answer and know the truth
  • find out the purpose of your life
  • be guided on a better path for yourself
Past Life Regression is a safe and effective way to identify influences that may be affecting your present life. You can shift and release phobias, fears, relationship difficulties and guilt and resolve many of the issues you are currently experiencing and which are holding you back.
PLR connects your mental, physical and spiritual self and creates balance in your life. It has a valuable place in creating a deeper understanding of your present circumstances and empowers you to heal yourself, have the confidence to move forward and know that your life has meaning and purpose.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression
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